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Holy Cross Energy’s Round-Up program is a voluntary program in which a Holy Cross member elects to have their monthly electric bill “rounded up” to the next whole dollar.  Monies collected will be used to provide assistance to community organizations and families.  Your small change, an average of 50 cents per month, adds up fast.

How does Round-Up work?
Say your electric bill for the month is $40.50.  As a “Round-Up” participant, your bill is automatically “rounded up” to $41.00.  Holy Cross members may choose to donate a fixed monthly amount in addition to having their bill “rounded up”.  All donations are tax deductible and will be reported to you on an annual basis.

Where does the Round-Up money go?
All Round-Up contributions are administered by a separate Board of Directors responsible for distributing funds raised through member participation.  Holy Cross Energy covers all administrative costs of the program to ensure that 100% of donated dollars are distributed to community and charitable causes.

…Your small change can change someone’s life today.

Glenwood Springs:  970-945-5491
Vail Valley:  970-949-5892

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